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We Tailor a Unique Education Program for Each Student

Student Planning Services is your one-stop Partner to: Plan • Provide • Manage • Coordinate personalized, tailored Supplemental Education Support Services.

Click one of the images below to learn more about our services designed for different student groups.

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  >> College & Grad School Student                  >> Veteran Student                                 >> International Student

" Student Planning Services is there for you. They helped me each step of the way. I know what I needed to do, when milestones were due, and who to ask when I had questions. They brought expertise and peace of mind to me and my family. "


- Marne Fairhurst, enrolled in Notre Dame University, Fall 2014.

Also accepted at USC, Rice University, Loyola Marymount University, Scripps College, Tulane University, Occidental College, and UC Santa Cruz.


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