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Student Planning Services, LLC (SPS) is a unique comprehensive provider of a full spectrum of Supplemental Education Support Services (SESS) focused on the needs of students and their families outside of the classroom, from pre-middle school through graduate school. SPS is a one-stop Academic Concierge for all aspects of educational and related support services beyond what is available in schools. All of our academic professionals, mentors, tutors, and advisors are highly qualified and fully examined with complete background checks.  All services are closely monitored; and student progress, along with tailored recommendations, are constantly managed and regularly reported to parents and students.


Our Mission

Provide students with support and services not available at or through their school, academic and extra-curricular guidance and opportunities to help them achieve their highest academic and personal potential resulting in fully functioning adults who have accumulated the critical components necessary to succeed.

About Us

Our Service Provisioning Model

SPS effectively combines the latest technology for distance and on-line interaction with one-on-one services, case management and meetings in person.

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