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Enhanced Academic Program

  • Management of the ENTIRE Education & Academic Success Planning Process

  • Includes all services listed below PLUS Academic Help Desk

  • SPS serves as your Academic Concierge and will plan, provide, manage and coordinate an individually tailored and comprehensive education and personal growth program.

Academic Success Planning & Management 

  • Review of student's progress reports, grades,and transcript

  • Development of recommendations for classes (regular school year, summer school, and/or online), and status of "a-g" requirements


Testing Assessment, Recommendations & Advising

  • Review of all testing (psycho-educational, standardized school, neuro-developmental, etc.)

  • Explanation, interpretation, feedback, and recommendations for IEPs


Extracurricular Planning & Advising

  • Work Experience, Volunteer, Internships, Clubs, Sports, and Community

  • Planning, managing, and documenting student's unique experiences, growth, and character development in each of these areas.

  • Portal-based portfolio development and guidance


Skills Development Services

  • Personal, Professional, Academic, and Independent Living

  • Monthly workshops, classes, development assistance, and documentation of skills acquisition, development, and growth in each of these areas;

  • includes Comprehensive Independent Living Skills Assessment and recommendations


  • Answers to standard education questions and topics

  • Basic research

  • Referral information

  • Assist with  correspondence to educators and administrators


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Education Help Desk

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