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Student Planning Services, tailored for high school students. 

  • Managing homework, classes, projects, and college applications

  • Developing social skills for success in group projects, sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities

  • Studying for important exams (PSAT, AP, ACT, SAT, etc.)

  • Reinforcing time management, organization, and note-taking skills

  • Understanding how to be motivated, independent, persistent, committed, and successful

Academic Mentoring Program


  • Academic monitoring and support throughout the week

  • SPS’ skilled Academic Development Associate meets with student twice a week in-person

  • Individually tailored support


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Personalized Test Prep

  • Test Prep for SAT, SAT2, ACT, AP exams, etc.

  • 20-session test preparation

  • Tailored to each child

  • Learn tailored test-taking strategies, skills and techniques


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Enhanced Academic Program


  • Management of the ENTIRE Education & Academic Success Planning Process

  • Includes all services listed below PLUS Academic Help Desk

  • SPS serves as your Academic Concierge and will create, monitor, and manage an individually tailored and comprehensive education and personal growth program


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Education Help Desk


  • Answers to standard education questions and topics

  • Basic research

  • Referral information

  • Assist with correspondence to educators and administrators


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Subject Tutoring


  • Tailored one-on-one tutoring

  • Expert tutors help with any school course, including Math, Science, English, History, and more!


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Comprehensive College Admissions Advising


  • Management of the ENTIRE College Admissions Process, including all services listed below for up to 10 college applications

  • Application Readiness and Documentation

  • College Comparison and Selection

  • Resume, Letter of Recommendation, Essays, and Personal Statement

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