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Private High School/ Middle School Admissions Advising

Management of the ENTIRE Private High School/ Middle School Admissions Process, including all services listed below.


Test Prep for HSPT and ISEE

  • 20-hour test preparation

  • Tailored to each student

  • Reinforces subject knowledge

  • Learn specific test-taking strategies, skills, and techniques


Application Readiness and Documentation

  • Transcripts review

  • Preparation of Academic Performance Worksheet

  • Recommendations for classes and activities to maximize admission options


Assistance with Brag Sheet, Resume, Letters of Recommendation , Essays, and Personal Statements

  • Learn how to prepare a brag sheet

  • Customize a resume

  • Draft letters of recommendation to assist teachers, supervisors, and community leaders as they document the student's unique circumstances, characteristics and abilities


Applications Process Management

  • Assistance with online application completion and submission

  • Prompting to meet deadlines and follow-through on supplemental information requirements

  • Meeting in-person and via online technology, students are guided through all necessary milestones to complete the application process over a period of weeks

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Learn about our individually tailored Test Prep and Subject Tutoring programs:

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