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Veteran Support Services

Student Planning Services' Veteran Support Associates specialize in education re-integration services. We help orient you to the world of collegiate academics, prepare and submit applications, provide personalized mentoring support, refer subject specific tutors, and help with mastery of independent adult living skills to graduate veterans ready to function in the civilian workforce.



  • · Answers to standard education questions and topics

  • · Basic research

  • · Referral information

  •   Assist with  correspondence to educators, administrators, potential employers, etc.


Enhanced Academic Program (EAP)


Create, monitor, and manage an individually tailored, comprehensive education and personal growth program, includes:

  • Intake and semester assessments

  • Plan adjustments

  • Progress reports twice a month and summary reports once a month

  • Study method support

  • Coordination of tutors/specialists

  • Skills classes

  • Independent living workshops



Tailored Test Prep & Enrichment Instruction Courses

in-person, 1-on-1 and multi-student:


  • High School Completion & College Admissions: GED, SAT, ACT, etc.

  • Graduate School Admissions: GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT

  • Jump Start! Proprietary Math Prep Course

  • Math Enrichment: Proprietary math remediation, acceleration, or enrichment courses for intermediate and higher math levels and subjects

  • Science Support: Proprietary science remediation, acceleration, or enrichment courses for intermediate and higher math levels and subjects

  • Writing Support: Proprietary Writing Prep Course


Admissions Advising

  • Selecting target schools, applications and essay assistance, process-tracking, mock interviews, and general advising

  • Comprehensive and Targeted Admissions Coaching

  • Veterans Benefits/GI Bill Advising, Assistance or Referral

  • Financial Aid, Student Loans and Scholarship Advising & Assistance

  • Special Programs Scholarship and Admissions Advising



Academic Support Services

  • Online Mentoring: remote online coaching, tracking, management, and weekly progress reporting

  • Personal Mentoring: Online Mentoring and twice weekly in-person coaching

  • 3R Study Method: Program for study skills and learning enhancement

  • Subject Specific Tutoring: in-person, 1-on-1 and multi-student course and subject matter support

  • Course Selection Advising: assist in effective and efficient course choices to achieve academic progress and education goals

  • Specialized Referrals: for individual students’ needs



Workshops and Classes

  • Classes are bi-monthly 2-hour sessions. Resources include:

    • Veteran Support Workshops

    • Veteran Family Workshops

    • Study Skills Classes

    • Life and social Skills Classes

    • Employment Readiness and Networking Workshop

Ready to get started?

Learn about our individually tailored Test Prep and Subject Tutoring programs:

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